September 25, 2020

Olivia & Jeremy – Runaway Island Panama City Beach, FL -Wedding


In life, we live to love and love to live…..but are we really living without love?

Love is a beautiful thing and it’s even more beautiful to have that same feeling reciprocated by the person of your dreams. This is exactly the sentiment that Olivia and Jeremy share in this world. From Day 1 with speaking to Olivia, I could see all of the excitement in this world to be able to marry the man of her dreams and to share this crazy thing we call life, with each other. She knew exactly what she wanted and her vision was flawless. She had drawn out every detail in her head a million times over, and I could sense how much this meant to her and Jeremy. She had waited for this day for a very long time….. unfortunately, COVID-19 snuck up and threw a wrench in the mix…. and then a Hurricane……but we wouldn’t let that stop these two from tieing the knot and becoming one…. Together with Kelly over at Make My Day Special Events and Runaway Island, we are able to make this day happen for Olivia and her family.

Our day started out with Olivia and the girls getting ready and then I headed over to Jeremy for some equal amounts of excitement! To see the feelings unfold in front of me was just an awesome feeling and experience to be able to document their story from start to end. Check out these photos!

Next was my ABSOLUTE… FAVORITE part of the day!! FIRST LOOKS!!!! Let me tell you, First Looks are a great thing to experience because this is a special moment that you and your partner can cherish for a lifetime to come! A very private moment that Olivia, Jeremy, and her two Dad’s got to soak in before the Ceremony. I always encourage First Looks and this IS EXACTLY WHY! The emotions that you experience are second to none. So glad they decided to do a First Look and I was there to capture it! Check it out!

The weather could not have been more perfect for their Ceremony on the Beach!

After the Ceremony…..here comes everyone’s FAVORITE part! Bridal Portraits! These two ABSOLUETLY KILLED their portrait session! The sunset was beautiful and provided an awesome backdrop for these two!


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