August 5, 2019

Anna & Adam’s – Destin Florida Wedding

There’s little to be said when it comes to finding true love and knowing that you have found your soulmate. When it happens, you sit back and you just know. Anna and Adam were no exception. When Anna contacted me in hopes of me being able to shoot her wedding, she was super laid back, she knew exactly what she wanted, and she wanted me to be as creative as I could be. The more we talked, the more the ideas started to flow on how I could capture hers and Josh’s story in the perfect setting.

It made the excitement and planning that much better, once I found out they were also were from the same area where I am from, New Orleans, LA! I always get excited when I get to hang out with my hometown folks… and they are LSU fans, so naturally… GEAUX TIGERS!

The most significant thing that helps a bride to steal the limelight for the day is a beautiful and exotic wedding dress. When I first met Anna, she was glowing and I could see the excitement on her face. Her family and friends were all on deck to see this beautiful bride in her GORGEOUOS wedding dress. Anna had every detail planned perfect and she looked stunning for her big day.

Now when I met Adam, he was full of nervousness (in a good way) and happiness all in one. I could tell he was ready to see his bride.When we spoke about the wedding and his part, I could see the emotions that he was holding back waiting to see his bride and start their journey together. When Adam saw Anna for the first time, there were so many emotions being felt turning to see her walking down the aisle. The look on the Adam face when he finally saw his gorgeous bride was emotional, unique, and indescribable. This is how you know that a person loves you and you’ve found your better half. The way that person looks at you is such an amazing feeling. It is something that leaves me speechless because it is beyond powerful and the greatest feeling. When you have found that, you know you have found true love.

To be able to capture these moments for these two, was a blessing and I had such an awesome time meeting their entire family and being able to capture this story for them. I wish these two a life full of happiness.



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