July 8, 2020

Macy & Eric – Destin, FL Wedding


There’s nothing better than being able to be in a place like home. I grew up in New Orleans Louisiana up until I enlisted in the Air Force and I always enjoy going back home, visiting with friends, and talking with people who come in from Louisiana. When Macy first contacted me, I found out she was from Louisiana and instantly that connection built! #GEAUXTIGERS

Her and Eric were wanting a very intimate ceremony with just their closest family and friends to celebrate the renewal of their vows. With a Tropical Storm brewing in the Gulf, I knew that this was going to be a tight squeeze for time but we worked out a plan together and made sure that we could fit everything she wanted and capture everything that she had envisioned for this day, down to the details.

We ended up getting some epic weather conditions that allowed for some of the best lighting a photographer could ask for! I was truly blessed that Macy and Eric chose me to capture this moment for them and their family and I am glad that we were able to squeeze the wedding in between a TS and Covid.

Check out their Vow renewal!


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